The Love Trap

Channel 4

8x60 reality dating show

TX October 20th 2021 10pm

The Love Trap features one handsome man looking for love in a mansion full of beautiful women. But all is not as it seems as not all of the girls are searching for the one. Half of them are attempting to fool the single man that they are single – they are love traps. At the end of each episode the man will pick one or more women who he suspects of being love traps to leave the mansion. But they will not be leaving through the door, they will leave through the floor, through a trap door. At the end of the series he must choose one girl he thinks is genuine. If he chooses correctly they will win the holiday of a life time together but if he picks a love trap he will leave with nothing but she will leave with £20,000.

The Love Trap

Presented By Joel Dommett

Directed By Gary Brooks

Executive Producer Leon Wilson, Ed Sleeman & Denis O'Connor